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5 Entryway Design Tips

A change in the season is always a good time to reevaluate your entryway. What’s working and what needs fixing? Read on to get some tips from the Poulin Design Center for your entryway design!

Get Some Storage Solutions

There are certain items you need next to the door.  A place to put your shoes, an easy place to find your keys, and hooks or cubbies to store things like scarves, umbrellas, etc. It’s important to get some functional storage added to your entryway.  Many homeowners opt for a bench that offers storage within.  You can also install a coat rack, hooks, or utilize baskets to ensure everything has its own place.

Make Smart Flooring Choices

The flooring in your entryway works harder than any other flooring in your home.  It must be ready to fend off dirt, debris, moisture, and more.  That is why natural stone has been an entryway flooring go-to for decades.  Many homeowners also choose vinyl plank flooring, porcelain tile, or even some species of hardwoods.  You don’t need the flooring to be comfortable in the entryway; durability is the most sought after quality.

Remember to Decorate

Even though you usually won’t spend hours in your entryway, it’s still important for it to have some style and taste.  After all this is the area of your home that makes the first impression! Consider adding in a mirror, hanging some art, or painting the wall color a bright and welcoming shade.

Find Functional Furniture

It’s important for visitors to have a place to sit down to remove their shoes in your home.  That is where a bench can really save the day. Beyond that, it’s great if you can have a small entryway table as well.  This will help you stay organized and also make your entryway not look like a forgotten space in your home.

Get Your Dream Door

Another quick and easy way to add some personality to your entryway is to replace or revamp your front door.  Consider adding a cute screen door for the summer months.  You can also paint your door to give it some pizazz. Or you can install a new door as well.  Changing the door will change your entire entryway experience!

Get your entryway ready to entertain!  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center for all of your entryway flooring needs.

Photo: Artazum