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Explore Your Design in our
Virtual Reality Experience

Use your mouse or finger to click and move on the image in order to look around inside your room

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What is Virtual Remodeling?

Virtual Remodeling at The Poulin Design Center utilizes our existing design + visualization process to create cohesive photo-realistic virtual representations of your design project. The process begins with the initial measure. In this phase your existing space is measured and drawn to scale (this will be used to recreate your space virtually). Once we have an existing floor plan and digital recreation of your space, the designer works with you to achieve your new design and color selections. Following the initial selection, our visualization team works with your designer to input the new design, color selections, materials and products into your existing virtual space. The new design then becomes a single 360° panoramic image that is viewable on a computer as a rendered environment. The user can then orbit around different views of their future project. Additionally, users have the option to view the 360° panoramic image rendering, at 1:1 human scale within the Virtual Reality Headset, truly placing YOU inside of YOUR project before we build it!!

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