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Remodel Process

The Poulin Design Center Remodeling Process

With Poulin You Get...


Everything you need to remodel in one great place!


To help guide you in creating a design that is functional, compliments your home, and is a reflection of your vision.

Measure of Existing Floor Plan

Be assured that your design will fit your space with accurate, professional measurements.

Color Consultation

Professional design guidance to select products reflective of your style in a color palette that you will love.

360° Photorealistic Design

So you can see your remodel BEFORE we build it!

2D & 3D Drawings

We produce the full working plans and professional drawings of your project with the ability to make changes to the design with ease.

Project Specifications

Detailed agreement that clearly states the products that will be used and any changes that will be made.

Project Coordinator & Construction Expert

Feel confident to have a construction expert that is working to review, order, and receive all the products needed in local supply before your project is started. Plus, avoid permitting headaches and know that your remodel is following all local requirements and being done correctly the first time.

Unique System of Installation

40% Faster than the OLD, traditional way of remodeling

In-House Fully Trained Craftsman

Trust who is in your home with our highly vetted team of professionals.

25% OFF
Plus Special Financing

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Add the perfect finishing touches to your remodel!

2-Year Warranty Material & Labor

Rest assured that the quality work that is being done will last for many years to come as we stand behind our work with our double industry-standard warranty.

  • * 6 months
  • * 11 months
  • * 23 months

Safe Installation Practices

Following the latest health and safety guidelines

Add the perfect finishing touches to your remodel!

Our Seamless 3-Step Remodeling Process

At Poulin Design Center, we take great pride in delivering top-notch home remodeling services with an efficient and seamless process. Our 3-step approach ensures that your vision becomes a reality while enjoying a stress-free experience from start to finish.


Renew your home in our Interactive Design Center alongside one of our design experts with 20+ years of experience.


Our Visualization Team creates a photorealistic 360° design of your remodel using the dimensions of your space and new products that you pick out!


Our experienced team delivers high-quality, professional results – while staying organized, focused, and keeping the workspace as clean as possible.

Installation Map

Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels

Flooring Installations

Solar Installations