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5 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

When you first move into a home you put thought into every detail: the wall paint, the flooring, the décor, and colors. But over time, you may find yourself unhappy with the original design choices made. That’s when it’s time to give your living room—a room where you spend a considerable amount of time—a quick refresh. Read on to learn 5 ways to refresh your living room from the Poulin Design Center here in Albuquerque!

Accent Wall

When it comes to wall paint colors, going with classic, white, cream, or even grey is a safe and beautiful option.  However, don’t be shy about adding in an accent wall to give a pop of color.  Consider a subtle blue, a bold orange, or even a bright red.

Area Rug

Maybe you chose an area rug for your living room that has now seen a lot of foot traffic.  It may be time to have the area rug professionally cleaned, or it may be time to go in a new direction.  Perhaps you don’t want an area rug anymore in this room.  Or perhaps you want to pick a totally different style and pattern with a new area rug.  As you make changes to your living room design just be sure to maintain a balance so that your living room is not overwhelmed by too many patterns.

New Furniture Piece

A coffee table can add a lot of charm to your home.  Consider making this the feature piece of furniture in the room.  Or, perhaps a clean, new couch is in order to breathe new life into your living room!  Take a look around your living room and see if any furniture piece looks like it needs to go.

New Details

Sometimes a quick purchase of new throw pillows, new curtains, a new blanket, or even a new piece of artwork can liven up a living room. Don’t be afraid to move in pieces of décor from other rooms and give them a new home in the living room!

New Flooring

Of course every great living room design starts with the right flooring.  Has your laminate seen better days? Is it time to finally get the solid hardwoods you’ve been wanting? Maybe it’s time to tear out the wall-to-wall carpet and give the room and update.  Changing the flooring will change the whole room and make it feel fresh and new.

Ready to make your living room a beautiful oasis in your home?  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque.  We have a huge selection of flooring options that can help transform your living room! Call us today for a free design consultation.