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Where to Add Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look tile is gaining more and more traction in the design world. It seems the wood-look tile varieties are here to stay.  And it’s easy to see why; they are easy to maintain and they can add this beautiful, natural texture to your home’s design. So where can you add these tiles in your Albuquerque home? Here are a few ideas from the experts at the Poulin Design Center.

Kitchen Flooring

Wood-look tile is easy to keep clean which makes it s a wonderful choice for kitchen flooring. Any spills can simply we mopped or wiped up with warm water. Go for a wider plank, larger tile size to minimize the amount of grout.

Shower Tile

The shower is the perfect place to feature tile and wood-look tile finally makes it possible to have the natural grain pattern of wood accents in the shower. Tile the whole wall of the bathroom, half the wall or just keep the tile in the shower; it’s up to you!


More and more homeowners are looking for contemporary options when it comes to backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom. Wood-look tile works wonderfully as a backsplash, but watch out for adding too much wood to your design. Make sure your countertops and cabinets are not another competing tone of wood in the design.


Frame your fireplace with stunning tile work.  Lighter wood-look tile works particularly well in this instance as you want your tile around a fireplace to reflect light and amplify the warm ambiance in the room.

Utility Room Or Entryway

When you first enter your home you’re bringing in dirt and debris from outside! It’s essential to get the flooring material right in the entryway. Often homeowners want the look of hardwoods, but wood-look tile will actually hold up better in an everyway.

Ready to have wood-look tile in your home? Give us a call today and we’ll go over the options and styles available. We look forward to helping you get stunning new wood-look tile in your Albuquerque home!

Photo: Darlusz Jarzabek