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Area Rugs in Albuquerque

There’s something about carpet. There’s just no replacing the comfort it provides and the soft, comfortable surface. However, carpet can retain allergens and absorb spills making it less than ideal for some homeowners. Luckily, you can still get the great benefits of carpet in moderation by adding in area rugs to your Albuquerque home. Here are some tips from the Poulin Design Center on how and where to add an area rug.

Hallway Runners

Make sure your hallways aren’t simply a dull, blank transition between rooms. Hallways need to have well thought out lighting, décor, and of course flooring. In many cases the hallway is a great place to feature hallway runners. It will give color, texture and provide sound insulation as well.


Bedrooms are often overlooked when it comes to design. However, your bedroom can double as your favorite reading nook if you add in a chair, a small table and a nice, plush area rug. You can add the area rug over whatever flooring you have in your bedroom. Be sure to look at what colors are already accented in the room and decide if the area rug will be a focal point in the room, or simply blending into the background.

Dining Room

There are lots of options of area rugs that can work extremely well in the dining room. An area rug will help to frame the table, and differentiate the dining area from the rest of your home. It’s also a great opportunity to add in some color that can then be coordinated with things like table runners and napkins.

The Bathroom

I know that adding carpet to the bathroom in any capacity usually screams bad idea, but adding in a well placed area rug near your double sinks can provide a soft, luxurious surface for you to stand on. Area rugs can easily be removed and professionally cleaned as well, making them a sensible addition to your bathroom décor.

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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan