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Choosing a Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the most prominent places to feature tile in the home is in the kitchen!  Tile offers the durability and style that most homeowners want to incorporate into their kitchen design. Read on to get some tops on some top tile trends to look out for from the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM.

Tile Size

Tile flooring for the kitchen comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Depending on your design for your kitchen, you may choose to utilize larger tiles, very small tiles, or a combination of the two! In general, with kitchen tile flooring, larger tiles are more popular. Many homeowners install large porcelain tiles or travertine tiles in the kitchen. Smaller tiles are best reserved for backsplash in your kitchen design.  However, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to get the look you truly want.  Also, depending on your kitchen size, smaller tiles may work quite nicely.

Porcelain or Natural Stone?

When it comes to tile, there are options! At the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque, we have a huge selection to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for a budget tile option or a high-end luxury tile, we will custom order the perfect flooring for your remodel. Porcelain tiles will not cost as much for materials, but some homeowners prefer the rustic appearance of natural cut slate flooring.  Or, you may choose to include natural hardwood flooring and add the tile elsewhere to your kitchen design.


Nothing ties the design of a kitchen together more completely than a well-selected kitchen backsplash.  The wall behind your sink can endure some moisture from all of the meal preparation that takes place in your kitchen!  This functional addition to your kitchen allows you to tie in colors and materials from other areas of the kitchen design.  Keep in mind, you want your backsplash to be easy-to-clean as this is area can encounter spills.

Ready to pick out tile for your kitchen?  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque today for a free consultation!

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