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Dining Room Flooring Trends

When the holiday season is just around the corner, many homeowners find themselves reevaluating the décor in their dining room. Maybe you’ll invest in a new dining room table or maybe you’ll choose to feature some new artwork.  When you’re reworking your dining room, make sure you don’t overlook your flooring.  Here are some dining room flooring trends from the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque.

Finished Hardwood Flooring

It’s hard to vote against hardwood flooring in any room.  Many homeowners choose this classic look for their dining room.  With the chance of spilling and the chairs moving on the flooring, you want to be sure you protect your hardwood flooring investment. Be sure any spills are addressed quickly.  Also, make sure to use floor protectors with each chair.

Smooth Stone Flooring

If you think stone flooring is only for the kitchen and the bathroom, think again!  Stone flooring evokes a beautiful elegance that is the perfect setting for your dining room.  You can install marble flooring, or go for natural looking travertine tile flooring.  Stone flooring is some of the most durable flooring you can install, but that doesn’t make it impermeable to spill damage.  However, as long as the flooring is properly cared for, stone flooring in the dining room will last many lifetimes.

Accent Area Rugs

Already have stone or hardwood flooring that you love in your dining room? Want to add a splash of color to your dining room?  An area rug may be just the thing. A well placed area rug in your dining room can help to frame the table in the room.  Be sure to choose a carpet pile that is not too high as you want to make it easy for guests to navigate their chairs easily on the flooring.

Ready to get your dining room ready for the holidays? Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque.  We’ll help you select the perfect flooring for your dining room today!