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Hardwood Floors – Everything You Need To Know

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring choices for Albuquerque homeowners. They are classic, durable and look great in nearly any home! To help you decide if hardwoods are right for you, we’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of having hardwood floors in your home.


Classic Style: Hardwood floors will never go out of style. Whether they are maple or oak, dark or light, wide plank or narrow plank, hardwood floors add value and longevity to any home.

Durable: Though not as durable as some flooring types, hardwoods are resilient and will last for many years when cared for properly. You can extend their life by protecting them with rugs and runners, promptly cleaning up spills or standing water, and sweeping them regularly.

Versatile: Hardwoods are a surprisingly versatile flooring option. Because they come in so many different varieties and colors, you can achieve many different looks with hardwood.  They work well in both modern and traditional homes, and are a smart choice in many different rooms throughout the house.

Value: In general, hardwoods are considered to be a desirable trait in a home. If you are thinking of selling your home at some point in the future, hardwoods are a great investment that can attract potential buyers and increase the value of your home.

Easy to Care For: Regular sweeping and the occasional damp-mop is all that’s required to keep your hardwood floors in good shape. Depending on the level of wear and tear your hardwoods get, they will typically need to be re-sealed or re-finished every 10 years or so.


Price: While hardwoods aren’t necessarily the most expensive flooring option, they aren’t the least expensive either. Hardwoods are a definite investment but most homeowners find that they are worth every penny! If you like the look of hardwood but are on a tight budget, consider installing laminate hardwood. Laminate looks like solid hardwood but is more wallet-friendly.

Moisture Sensitivity: Because hardwoods are made with solid wood, they are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature. Hardwoods can warp, shrink and expand in environments where they are exposed to high levels of humidity or extreme changes in temperature. They are not recommended for bathrooms or basements that tend to get damp, and if you have hardwoods in your kitchen, you must be diligent about cleaning up spills and standing water.