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Kitchen Remodel Trends

Some people could easily describe their dream kitchen in detail. But many of us could probably only say that it would look a lot better than their current kitchen. If you’ve decided on kitchen remodeling for your Sante Fe home and you’re not an interior decorator, you would probably like some help in not only installing your new kitchen but designing it. Luckily, Poulin Design Center can do it all. With this local New Mexico business, you’re not hiring a contractor… you are hiring an entire design team.

Poulin’s 5Day Kitchen provides you with home design experts who work with you to design your perfect kitchen while keeping the plans within your budget, a top quality installation team that will have your kitchen ready in 5-15 days, and a two-year guarantee. The first step, planning your dream kitchen with Poulin’s design experts, while probably not as exciting as seeing your new kitchen for the first time, is a fun experience for Sante Fe homeowners and one that is especially personalized and in-depth at Poulin.

Poulin’s unique Design Center allows you to walk through and experience the wide range of kitchen remodeling materials and products we offer as well as many beautiful showrooms of model kitchens. While browsing through all of these possibilities can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. To help you begin thinking about what your new Poulin kitchen will look like, here are four trends in kitchen design that can act as a starting place:

A traditional kitchen remodel features dark woods, classic neutral colors, and natural stone countertops. It’s a cozy, welcoming style that could be great for you if you prefer home décor that is based on time-tested classics.

A contemporary kitchen remodel features clean, modern lines, which means room for creativity with metals, bright whites, and pops of color. This style is great if you like to be on the cutting edge of home design and prefer a spacious, minimalistic look for your home.

A rustic kitchen remodel features natural wood and stone surfaces, bolder lines, woodwork, and stonework. These elements are great if you prefer a more handcrafted look, and they can work with a variety of home décor styles, from alpine cabin or country cottage to classic Sante Fe western.

Do none of these styles appeal to you? A transitional kitchen remodel is what you need. Transitional kitchens blend multiple styles for a customized look that is all your own. This is great if you like to mix-and-match design elements, such as if you’d like to try adding some contemporary design features to your kitchen but don’t want to stray too far from the traditional or rustic style you’re used to.

No matter what style you decide on during your FREE interactive design experience at either Poulin’s Sante Fe or Albuquerque locations, we know that you’ll be happy with your new 5Day Kitchen. The kitchen is such an important room in a home, a place that brings your family together around good meals and conversation, and that’s why everyone on the Poulin team works as hard as they do to provide you and your family with the highest quality and most efficient kitchen remodeling experience.