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New Years Resolutions for the Home

The New Year means new beginnings and many people find themselves signing up to live healthier, and embrace the fresh new year! Here at the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque, we know this is often a popular time to plan out home improvement projects for the year as well. Here is a room-by-room guide to updating your home!


Your kitchen is an essential, central meeting place in the home; food tends to bring people together. But this area of your home also ends up being a place where you entertain guests, so it’s important that your kitchen is both functional and stylish. This year consider adding in a sleek backsplash to your home kitchen. Is it time for new countertops? And how about the flooring? Maybe it’s time to install solid hardwood flooring or choose some natural cut slate.


Many homeowners choose to update the bathroom first in the home.  It is a smaller room, so it can seem like a manageable first project.  Often homeowners prefer to take on a bathroom remodel in one fell swoop and replace the shower, toilet, countertops, sink and flooring.  Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and some new towels and you will find yourself in a totally transformed new bathroom!


If your entryway always turns into a cluttered mess it may be time to give it an overhaul.  Add in a bench to give yourself storage and a place to remove your shoes!  Consider adding in a decorative touch such as an area rug or a mirror.  Make sure your flooring choice is one that can take some wear and tear from moisture, dirt and grime. Natural stone, tile, vinyl or hardwood work well as entryway flooring options.

Guest Room

Often times a guest room can transform into a storage unit where you discard things you don’t use frequently.  Don’t let this happen to your guest room! Instead, give your guest room a fresh look that will make you excited to host!  Try adding a splash of color by adding in an accent wall, an area rug, or repainting a piece of furniture.

The Yard

It may seem like the middle of winter now, but soon you’ll be inviting friends over to BBQ once again and you’ll want to make sure your yard is ready to impress.  Consider adding or expanding a deck.  Maybe it’s time to revamp your landscaping and add some new plants.  Maybe you want to install a stone patio.  Take an inventory of what you’re working with in the yard and see what you want to accomplish this year in your yard.

Ready to get a free consultation on the books to get your projects underway?  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center today!

Photo: Elena Elisseeva