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Where to Add Wall-to-wall Carpet – Poulin Design Center

Some homeowners may be thinking that the days of carpet are over and instead it’s time to rely solely on area rugs for our carpet fix. While area rugs are very popular for living room designs, there are still some areas of the home where you can be confident that wall-to-wall carpeting is the best choice for your Albuquerque home. Here are some tips from the experts at the Poulin Design Center on where to add that wall-to-wall carpet.

Upstairs bedrooms

You want your bedroom to be a clean, comfortable refuge. Carpet offers that cozy surface upon which to build the rest of your room design. One of the great things about carpet is it adds sound insolation.  For this reason many bedrooms upstairs often feature wall-to-wall carpeting.


Finishing your basement into extra living space is an excellent way to add value to your home and also give you and your family a bonus room!  The basement is the perfect place to set up a cozy reading nook or an entertainment center for movie watching at home. Often basement flooring is concrete.  Installing carpet with the correct carpet pad is an excellent way to get warm and inviting flooring for your basement.


It’s easy to overlook the flooring on your staircase. However, carpet can be a perfect option for staircases.  You can choose to install the carpet over the entire staircase, or you can install a runner down the staircase.  Carpet will give you added traction and provide a softer surface for potential falls.


When you’ve got little ones running around, you know how important carpet can be.  Carpet adds a safe surface for kids to play, walk, crawl and sometimes fall.  Carpet also comes in a multitude of colors and patterns so don’t be afraid to add in hot pink carpet, bright green, or carpet squares.

Ready to install new carpet in your Albuquerque home?  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center and schedule a free in-home consultation!

Photo: Iriana Shiyan