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A Guide Countertop Choices

Whether you’re looking to re-do the countertops in your kitchen or your bathroom, you may find there are more options than you anticipated. We break down some of the latest countertop trends in our latest post. Read on to learn more about beautiful new countertops from the experts at the Poulin Design Center here in Albuquerque.


The first option that pops into many homeowners’ minds is granite–and for good reason! This countertop option provides natural stone and natural beauty for your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is very hard to damage and there’s a good chance your new granite countertops will look like new for decades to come. Some popular colors found in granite countertops include, grey, black, white, browns, and reds.


If you’re looking for more uniformity from your countertops, quartz could be just the thing. Known for it’s sparkly, eye-catching appearance, quartz can brighten up your kitchen and wow guests in the bathroom.  A very popular option for countertops that you’ve likely encountered is white quartz


This classic, elegant stone has been popular for centuries. The beautiful creams, whites, greys and tans that naturally occur in this material complement many other colors popular in design right now.  Don’t be afraid to use marble to tile your shower as well to create one, cohesive design.

Ceramic Tile Countertops

If you’re looking for the appearance of natural stone in your kitchen and bath, but want to save a bit on materials, be sure to consider ceramic tile. There is a vast selection to choose from—you can choose to go with a solid, classic color, or a tile that mimics marble, for example. Be sure to consider tile size and pattern as well. Depending on your tile choice, you don’t want to make your design too busy by adding in complex lines and tiny tiles.

Butcher Block

Recently butcher-block countertops have soared in popularity. The natural wood appearance pairs nicely with classic white cabinets. Combine that with a subway tile backsplash and you’ve got yourself a winning combination that has made it’s way onto many a Pinterest board lately. The benefit of butcher block is that it is very cheap compared to many other countertop options. The downside is that stains and scratches can happen and it’s incredibly important to have the wood sealed so that it can withstand moisture.

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