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Wool Carpet in Albuquerque – Poulin Design Center

When you’re looking for luxury in your new carpeting, it’s essential to consider wool. Carpet is made from a huge variety of materials now—from nylon to polyester and everything in between. There are many options for the Albuquerque homeowner, and yet, wool still seems to steal the show when homeowners want the best. Here are some fast facts on wool carpeting from the Poulin Design Center here in Albuquerque.


Anyone who has wool carpet installed in their home will tell you it is truly warm underfoot.  The natural insulating properties of wool carry over once it is made into a carpet or an area rug.  This makes it a particularly attractive flooring option for bedrooms where you want a warmer flooring material.

Stain and Fire Resistance

An important quality of any new carpet is stain resistance. Try as we might, there will eventually be a stain or two that needs to be dealt with on the new carpeting.  That is where wool can really shine.  The material naturally resists stains and will be easy to keep looking great for years to come. Hopefully there will never be an incident that would require your carpet to be flame resistant, but wool does also provide that feature.

Natural, Sustainable Materials

As more and more homeowners look to go green and find sustainable, natural materials for their homes, more and more people turn to wool. Wool is not a synthetic fiber and many wool carpet manufacturers boast that their product is completely natural and even biodegradable.

Unparalleled Durability

You spend a lot of time walking on the flooring in your home.  It’s important to have a carpet installed that is up to the high foot-traffic challenge.  Here again wool ranks at the top compared to other carpet fiber options.   The pile of the wool will weigh in, but overall, you’re looking at a carpet that could last you many, many years.

Color and Style Options

Oftentimes homeowners will envision wool carpeting as being the same color as the wool you see on a sheep!  While this can be the case, wool is also an excellent candidate for dyes meaning wool carpet is available in many colors, textures and pile heights.

The best way to really understand the difference wool brings is to feel the difference for yourself. Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center.  We will schedule a free design consultation to go over all of the carpeting options available for your Albuquerque home!

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