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Kitchen Makeover: 7 Quick Tips

When you look around your kitchen do you see some out of date design choices?  Maybe it’s the countertop color, the old tile, or the dusty curtains you’ve had up for three decades.  If your kitchen isn’t a clean, vibrant place to prepare and share meals, then it’s time for a kitchen makeover! Here are seven quick tips from the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque to help you create your dream kitchen!


Adding in tile or natural stone backslash to your kitchen will help protect your walls from moisture, but it will also ramp up the style in your kitchen.  Feel free to get creative and even opt for a mosaic.  You can tie in colors from other areas of your kitchen design as well.


Old countertops are not the best things to look at and they can be quite unsanitary if they have cracks.  When you install new granite or marble countertops, you’ll instantly see a change in your kitchen.  Make sure you consider your color options so that your new countertops integrate seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen design.

New Flooring

The perfect kitchen design starts with the right flooring. If your flooring is scuffed, scratched, or simply the wrong color, it’s time to install some new flooring!  Consider adding in natural stone flooring, hardwood flooring, tile, or even luxury vinyl tile flooring in your kitchen.  You can also opt for laminate floors, if you want to keep the cost of your project down.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Old, grimy cabinets can make your whole kitchen look dirty.  Simply resurfacing the cabinets will make your whole kitchen look fresh and clean once again.  Consider a traditional look or go for something more rustic.  Remember lighter colors will help to open the room up and make it feel brighter and larger.

New Lighting

Lighting is so important to design in every room and the kitchen is no exception!  Consider adding in a skylight, some accent lighting under your cabinets, or making use of candles.  Putting some thought into the lighting will help create he ambiance you want in your new kitchen.

New Wall Color

Maybe you loved your yellow kitchen when you first moved in, but now that shade of yellow doesn’t seem to fit anymore.  Simply adding a fresh coat of paint will refresh your kitchen.  Don’t be afraid to add in a colorful accent wall as well!

New Furniture

Is your dining room table ancient? Sometimes it’s hard to part ways with an old dining room table, but when you update this one piece of furniture, you’ll update your whole kitchen instantly.  Soon you’ll be inviting company over to show off your new kitchen!

Ready for your kitchen makeover?  Call the experts at the Poulin Design Center now to schedule a free consultation!