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Vinyl – It’s Not Just For Your Record Player

At Poulin Design Center of Albuquerque we think natural materials like hardwood and real stone tile make excellent flooring options. Not only are they beautiful, they offer great durability as well. But, honestly, they also tend to be some of the most expensive flooring options. When you have to wait for Mother Nature to create your materials, you tend to pay a bit more for them. Luckily, there is another way to get these and other fantastic flooring styles without the high cost. Luxury vinyl flooring is quickly becoming a favorite flooring material in the greater Albuquerque area. Read on to see why!

Huge Range of Styles

The most exciting part about the development of luxury vinyl flooring is its ability to closely mimic the look, and even feel, of many other types of flooring. This includes many varieties of hardwood, bamboo, natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile. It is also available in a host of other styles, patterns, and colors. Given that luxury vinyl also comes in sheets, tiles, and planks, there really is no other flooring material that gives you the same range of design options.

Water & Stain Resistant

Another great feature of luxury vinyl is its resistance to moisture and stains. When installed as a single sheet, luxury vinyl can actually be waterproof. Even when in tile or plank form you will find that it holds up to moisture better than almost any other alternative. And staining should not be an issue. Spills will not absorb into the vinyl and so will be easily wiped away. This makes luxury vinyl a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and entryways.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Although luxury vinyl costs a bit less, this doesn’t mean you get less for your money. With the most basic care, your luxury vinyl flooring can easily last over 20 years, and some brands offer a lifetime warranty. To maintain your floor, all you need to do is sweep or vacuum once in a while and occasionally give it a damp mopping. That’s it!

Other Benefits

An often overlooked upside of luxury vinyl flooring is its softness underfoot. It is far more comfortable to stand on than wood or tile, and you may appreciate that it gives a bit if you ever drop a dish on it. It is also a perfect flooring choice if you have children or pets, since it offers such a high level of durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance. When you also take into account its affordability, you can see why luxury vinyl is such a popular flooring option for homeowners around Albuquerque.

Photo Credit: Coprid