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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Trying to make it work in a small kitchen can be challenging and frustrating at times. Rather than deal with the downsides of your small kitchen, consider some easy kitchen remodel ideas that won’t break the bank. If you’re in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM, and searching for kitchen remodel ideas, find out how Poulin Design Center can help transform your kitchen. 

Kitchen Islands Add Storage and Prevent Clutter 

Consider adding a peninsula or a movable island cart to maximize your storage in a small kitchen. A peninsula can add seating to your kitchen, countertop space, an area for serving, and entertaining as well as extra storage. 

If you don’t have space for a peninsula, a moveable island cart can add storage to your space and be moved if you need more space. Add drawers to your kitchen, but be sure to have enough tall cabinets to store your kitchen appliances. Instead of cabinets where things can get pushed back and out of sight, consider choosing drawers to maximize storage and convenience in your small kitchen; just remember to have enough storage for your taller kitchen appliances.

Open Shelving Adds Style and Access 

Open shelving can accent many different kitchen styles. From industrial to the farmhouse kitchen, open shelving adds another element of style that cabinets would otherwise not. Open shelving is also great to balance out the design elements of your kitchen aesthetic, especially if you have many cabinets. When deciding where to install open cabinets, think about ease of access for you, the other people in your home, and your guests. 

Another idea for a small kitchen remodel would be to include a peninsula with floating shelves overhead, which is an excellent way to save cabinet space by keeping items like glasses and frequently used spices handy. 

Patterns Are Your Friends 

Your small kitchen remodel may be limited by space unless you’re going big. Some small kitchen ideas that help accentuate your style and make it pop are patterns in unexpected places. Since cabinets and shelving often take up much of any wall space, you will have to get creative on making patterns a priority. 

Adding a backsplash can instantly brighten a room and create visual interest. The backsplash will tie in the colors of your kitchen and bring cohesiveness to your design. We suggest using a timeless backsplash.

Choose Stylish and Durable Surfaces

No matter the size of your kitchen, having countertops that work as hard as you do is critical for saving you money and time. Choosing beautiful countertops has to be a choice that considers appeal, aesthetics, and durability. Choose a countertop that will withstand everyday cooking and special events.

Paint Can Change Everything 

If you are between remodels and just looking to freshen up your kitchen or add a little bit of life to a dim corner, paint can do that. There is no need for power tools, construction, or lengthy contracts; paint only takes an afternoon or less to leave your kitchen looking new again. Add an accent wall to bring out the colors in your flooring or undertones in your cabinets. 

Leave No Space Unused

When you’ve got a small kitchen, it goes without saying that you should use every little bit of space to your benefit. Having narrow pull-out cabinets installed and drawers in place of cabinets in tight spaces or deep areas where space is lost is an excellent way to maximize space. Small kitchen ideas like floating tables and mobile pantries can also help save space while removing clutter.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Albuquerque

Be sure to use a professional to design your kitchen according to sound design principles. The designers at Poulin Design Center follow the work triangle, which helps with strategic kitchen design, large or small! And when working on a small kitchen, you will want to design it with function, style, and sound design principles to maximize your space. 

To get started on your kitchen remodel, contact Poulin Design Center today for more information or schedule a free design consultation.

Image Source: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock