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Kitchen Organization Ideas to Add to Your Remodel Plans

The kitchen serves multiple purposes, from entertaining friends to preparing delicious meals for your family. Keeping everything in your kitchen effectively organized will save many headaches and stressful moments, preventing those instances when you might struggle for just a few more inches of counter and cabinet space.

Poulin Design Center will cover all aspects of your kitchen remodel ideas. Once we have worked with you to design the kitchen of your dreams, we will complete the kitchen remodel so you can get back to entertaining and feeding your loved ones. The kitchen organization ideas below can be worked right into just about any kitchen remodel design.

Keep Items Accessible With Custom Cabinetry Inserts

Organize your counter space by adding custom cabinetry pull-out drawers to keep kitchen essentials more accessible. For instance, you can customize cabinetry inserts to slide on a track and expand to access items whenever you need them easily. Say goodbye to organizing your lower cabinets on your hands and knees.

Custom Storage Drawers for Any Kitchen Items

Adjustable dividers and drawer inserts offer a seamless kitchen organization solution with satisfying results. Use dividers to separate lids neatly from corresponding pots, reusable containers, or pans in the same drawer. Include inserts to surface drawers for adequate storage of tableware or contained spices.

Use Drawers Instead of Cabinets

Instead of reviewing endless kitchen cabinet design ideas, consider oversized drawers in your kitchen. Oversized drawers let you have a brilliant place to store plates and bowls, and they are often easier to access while offering well-organized stacks in your kitchen. Setting dishware and utensils in a drawer averts instances like dropping a dish from the upper cabinet while enabling kids to set the table readily.

Store Items Where You’ll Use Them In a Custom Space

Narrow vertical drawers under a range are ideal places to store cooking oils and spices. Creating a stylish canister on your countertop helps keep utensils handy. But if you have a cooktop, a utensil holder may affect your space’s flow. Having custom drawers with upright containers lets you store utensils alongside the range.

Add Tuck-Away Platforms For Appliances

Although your countertop offers adequate space to keep appliances, not every appliance needs to stay there. Create a tuck-away platform that promotes the workspace and provides room for storing appliances, keeping them out of sight. For instance, add a stylish storage solution for a stand mixer with built-in electricity to get more from your workspace.

Save Counter Space With Built-In Appliances

Enhancing kitchen storage and countertop space are common kitchen remodel ideas that align with creating a more organized space. Having sleek built-in appliances like microwaves and coffee machines can help you achieve this. Microwave drawers or range hoods are a perfect addition to your kitchen organization, allowing effortless reach.

Strive for Pantry Perfection

Your pantry requires attention in your kitchen organization plan. Glass canisters designed for dry goods foster a clean appearance and assist in keeping track of what you need. Basket and storage racks store smaller items, and if there is adequate space in the pantry, you can keep your appliances stored here. To see more ideas for your pantry design, see our blog here.

Customize Your Island with Open Storage

A kitchen island is the space’s centerpiece, with several ways to add storage while making it stylish. For instance, you can create an entertaining hub comprising a bar-height countertop and a built-in wine rack, as well as open storage.

Kitchen Organization In New Mexico

Achieving an elegant, organized kitchen helps create a more enjoyable space to live in and increases the value of your home. Contact us today for more information regarding ideas to remodel your kitchen in New Mexico!


Image Source:  Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock