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Tile Trends To Watch

Subway Tile

From businesses to bathrooms to kitchens, subway tiles seem to be popping up everywhere.  The simple and sleek appearance of subway tile makes it a beautiful addition to many rooms.  Consider adding in a classic while subway tile backsplash to your kitchen design.

Natural Stone Tile

Tile is made from all kinds of materials.  You can install ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles and more.  But many homeowners gravitate towards the natural stone tiles as a classic and charming flooring option for the shower, the bathroom, entryways or the kitchen.  Consider adding in travertine tiles, marble or even slate!

Varying Tile Shapes and Sizes

Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to tile and stone flooring, it’s quite popular to choose tile that comes in varying shapes and sizes. For example, your new kitchen floor could feature two tile sizes to form a simple pattern that adds some texture and variety to your design.

Brushed Tile

When you think of tile, do you think of a glossy, smooth finish?  It’s certainly possible to install tile with a high gloss finish, but more and more homeowners are looking to bring in new textures and unique style to their homes.  Enter brushed tile!  Brushed tile provides a surface that isn’t shiny, but instead offers and sleek and modern look.  Grey, brushed tile is quite popular for bathroom remodels and kitchens alike!

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Photo: Elena Elisseeva