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Top 3 Kitchen Trends to Pay Attention To

2019 has been the year of the kitchen. From two tones, to new technology to pink cabinets; kitchens have become a form of self expression in the home. But what trends should you pay attention to? Here are a few of our favorites that are taking the lead in home design, and will not only add a zest to your home, but will also improve the resale value – instead of taking away from it like so many trendy designs do.

What 3 Kitchen Trends should you pay attention to?

  1. Backsplash Feature Wall
    1. Feature wallpaper? A thing of the past. Let backsplashes guide you to the future. The kitchen backsplash has always been a fun place to add a pop of design or personality but also helps to tie the kitchen together. Making sure this fun backsplash also adds to the design style you are going for is crucial, so be sure to choose a timeless feature.
  2.  Moody Hues
    1.  If you haven’t seen the viral blue cabinets, two toned trend or the way colors in cabinets, appliances and tile have taken over the kitchen design world, be sure to follow us on Instagram. (link) Moody hues of deep blue, green and chocolate browns have replaced the stark white and grey modern trend to not only warm up the home but also create a kitchen design that is functional and beautiful.
  3. Benches in the Kitchen
    1. This is a bit less innovative than the above listed trends, as it is a trend that seems to be around to stay. Originating from tight kitchen spaces where seating needed to be optimized, benches have been becoming an integral part of a kitchen for years now. The difference now? The aren’t just for functionality, but for design and balancing the room out.

Which design trend do you love right now? Would you consider incorporating any of them into your home design? Need another boost or help creating your design vision? The skilled experts at Poulin Design Center would be thrilled to help you! Contact one today. Need additional design inspiration? We share beautiful designs, before and afters and crazy design trends on our social media.