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5 Major Mistakes When Remodeling

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Stressed about an upcoming home remodel? Unfortunately, there isn’t a blueprint for the perfect home remodel but there are a few mistakes to avoid to help your remodel go as smoothly (and quickly) as possible.

Here are 5 Major Mistakes When Remodeling (that you should avoid)!

  1. Having Ideas, But Not a Clear Idea of Exactly What You Want!
    1. There are TONS of different places where you can consume content on the different ways to design your home, from what fixtures to use to what colors will increase your house value, to which granite will last longest. But the best way to get a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for? Working with a talented designer that will not only see your vision, but help guide your choices to exactly what you’re looking for!Poulin Design Center has several incredibly talented designers on staff, waiting to help you design the home you envision.
  1. Not Knowing What Your Remodel Will Look Like
    1. Have you had the option to see your remodel BEFORE it is built? Often times homeowners don’t know they have the option and are left to try to build from your mind. This can not only mis-align expectations but can also create something left to be desired when it comes to the overall design aspect. Luckily there are some amazing programs now that allow you to choose exactly what you’re looking for and bring your vision to life – leaving no questions about what the remodel will look like.
  1. Using Subcontractors
    1. If you’ve ever sourced Facebook for a tile guy, asked around for a plumber or spent hours finding the best cabinet installer; you know how cumbersome and time consuming that can be. Unfortunately, the sourcing of various subcontractors can also leave you with an expensive project, an extended timeline and subpar work. Even worse? When one subcontractor is late, doesn’t do their job correctly or creates a major issue it is a domino effect that holds up your project. This is the old, outdated way of remodeling that can leave your home torn up for months!
  1. Not having a Timeline
    1. Similar to above, having a timeline, deliverables and a schedule for every piece, as well as for every job in the remodel is key. Managing this can often times be overwhelming, which is why many homeowners turn to a trusted team like the one at Poulin Design Center (or Re-Bath) to ensure the job is done right and on time.
  1. Wasted Time Shopping
    1. Are you spending all your time flipping through catalogs and running around town looking for the right products? Don’t waste time or gas, instead head to 1 place where everything you need is hosted….like the Poulin Design Center in ABQ and SF. Instead of worrying about a remodeling nightmare, spending time trying to DIY or hating your space, trust your remodel with a team like Poulin Design Center.

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