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Unique Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom can be a great place to make your home’s design your own. Here are some ideas from the experts at the Poulin Design Center if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your Albuquerque home.

Wood-Look Tile

Wood in the kitchen can be added in many areas: the countertops, the flooring choice, and of course cabinets. However, more and more homeowners are looking to update the trend and bring wood into the backsplash arena as well. Wood look tile is just the product up to the task. With water resistance of any ceramic tile and the beautiful natural tone and texture of wood, it makes a beautiful backsplash option.

Small Tile

Some homeowners are swaying back against the large tile trend and going to a more classic look with small tile backsplashes in the kitchen. This looks beautiful when accent tiles of another color are also added in to help define the backsplash design.

Bright Ceramic

If you’re not looking to add in natural stone or white subway tile, then consider adding in a pop of color. Bright blues can work wonderfully in kitchen design. As long as you let the backsplash be the center of attention in your kitchen design you can be bold and add that red kitchen tile you’ve always wanted!

Black Tile

White kitchens are still very popular, but we’re seeing a counterpart start to grow in popularity as well: black tile, countertops, or cabinets. Adding in black to your kitchen design gives it a very sleek, modern look that will look clean and sharp for decades. Just be sure you balance out the black accents; granite countertops often work perfectly since they often have black flecks as well.

Large Glass

Some homeowners are going for a large glass tile backslash. Glass tile works really well for showers, tubs, and more.  But it’s showing up as a kitchen backsplash trend to watch. Why? Glass is luminous, easy to clean, and naturally beautiful.  Pair the glass with a white granite or quartz countertop and you’ve got a stunning kitchen!

Ready to get your backsplash project underway? Give is a call today to schedule your free design consultation today!

Photo: ML Harris