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Focal Points in Kitchen Design

Whenever you find yourself designing any room, you have to decide where you want the eye to be drawn; what is the focal point? Today on the blog we bring you some ideas to make certain parts of your kitchen the centerpiece of your design. This will make your kitchen unique and stylish. Here are some ideas from the experts at the Poulin Design Center.

Vintage Appliances

There has been a recent trend to feature a vintage appliance in the kitchen design. This may mean that the stove is a bright teal, or it may mean you have a retro red fridge to tie your design together. These statement pieces can help your kitchen have some pizazz. Be sure to tie in the color of the appliance to other areas in the room so that the color does not seem out of place. For example with a teal stove you could paint the back of your glass cabinets the same teal.


Lighting is important everywhere in the home and the kitchen is no exception. Often homeowners go with conventional, cookie cutter options with kitchen lighting. However you can add in a stylish chandelier right above your kitchen sink! You can also add one over an island or over your dining room table depending on the layout of your home.

Island Countertops

Countertops options seem to be endless these days.  If you can’t decide between what material you’d like it may be possible to use them both. For example, if you install marble or granite countertops in most of your kitchen, you can then add in a stained butcher block for the island. This gives your kitchen contrast and can also help it tie in to other design features in your home.

Specialty Flooring

When it comes to flooring in the kitchen you need something that is durable.  Tile is often a go-to for Albuquerque homeowners, but be sure you’re not limiting your design options. Consider adding in cork flooring, wood-look ceramic tile, or hand scraped engineered hardwoods.  If there’s a flooring material you’ve seen somewhere and you’d like to add it to your kitchen design, the Poulin Design Center is here to help. Come visit our showroom or we can come to you with our mobile showroom.

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