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3 Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2015

Here in Albuquerque, we are always on the lookout for emerging trends in flooring and home design. If you’re planning to install hardwood floors in your home soon, check out these three hardwood flooring trends for 2015!

Wide plank

For many homeowners, the biggest decision when it comes to choosing new hardwood floors is the color. However, plank width should also be a consideration because it can significantly impact the overall look of your new floors. While many homeowners opt for a classic medium-width plank, wide plank hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular. They offer a bold, dramatic look and make the floors a focal point of the room. Wide plank hardwoods look beautiful in neutral and bold colors alike, from dark espresso to lighter blond colors. The wide plank floor trend works well in any room in your home where you would place hardwoods, including the kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms. Because wide plank floors add visual interest to a room, many homeowners like to showcase them in higher traffic areas of their home, such as the kitchen or entryway.

Dark Stain

While a classic medium brown stain will never go out of style, dark hardwoods are becoming the look of choice for many Albuquerque homeowners. Dark hardwoods add drama and sophistication to any room, and work well in modern or contemporary homes. You can find hardwoods ranging in color from espresso brown to black and everything in between.

If you’re considering dark hardwoods, be sure to take into account the décor of your home and the room you want to install the floors in. Dark hardwoods work best in a room with ample lighting and a lighter color scheme. If you have dark hardwood floors, you’ll need to use paint color, furniture and décor to balance out your color scheme.


There’s no denying that glossy, smooth hardwoods look great. In fact, the sleek look of hardwoods is one of the things that make them so popular in homes today. However, we’ve seen a recent trend in homeowners choosing hand-scraped hardwoods over traditionally smooth ones. Hand-scraped hardwoods are textured and provide a wonderfully unique finish. They give a slightly vintage, distressed look and mimic the feel of hardwoods that have been in the home for years and years. Hand-scraped floors work well in a wide variety of homes, especially homes with a vintage or rustic décor theme. However, hand-scraped wood can work well in modern homes too. We love the contrast between the texture of the hand-scraped wood and the clean lines and minimalist design of modern homes.