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Questions To Ask Before A Remodel

What is my budget? It seems like it would go without saying to make a detailed budget for your remodel, but it often happens that homeowners will eagerly start a project only to leave it half finished when they haven’t thought through the financial side carefully. Do yourself a favor and put in the time to make sure you are taking on a remodel your budget can handle.

What areas of the home are most important?

Many homeowners opt to complete a remodel in stages.  They may complete the kitchen one year and then do the bathrooms the next.  Whatever the plan, just make sure you prioritize which rooms need attention first.

What’s on your schedule already?

Take into consideration what else is going on in your life.  Is your calendar filled up with entertaining at your home?  Will you be out of town in the near future?  It’s best to see what’s on the agenda ahead of time so that your installation and design team can accommodate any special situations.

Do you have experts on your side?

In this world where it seems all too easy to just to do-it-yourself, it can seem like it’s a great idea to put a little effort into your home and save on labor costs!  This is an excellent idea for many small projects on furniture, upholstery, and even painting.  However, when it comes to your home, the largest investment you’ll likely ever make, it’s essential to have a professional design team on your side.  That’s where the experts at the Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque come in!  We can help you from start to finish.  Call us today to get your next project underway!

Photo: Iriana Shiyan